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IT and Infrastructure

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IT Support:

We offer Desktop and Infrastructure support, no job is “too technical”.
We can assist your users or your IT team with technical support or solutions.
we have extensive experience in offering IT support and solutions to a wide range of fields and industries

Infrastructure and Management:

Cloud and on premise solutions.
Networking, Server setups and integrations (Linux and Microsoft), infrastructure planning and documentation.
General advice and assistance. Vendor agnostic advise, designs and setups.


VoIP / SIP setups, PBX, Predictive / Power diallers, self hosted, cloud based and on-site / on premise setups.
Private secure chat servers with video chat integrated for collaboration, to keep projects and business projects internal / secure.

Mail systems:

Exchange, onsite, hosted, Office365 setup and integration, self hosted email setup, open-source and commercial. Migrate from on-site to online or visa versa.

Work from home setups and solutions:

Consult, design and build managed or un-managed work from home environments to match current or new business requirements.


Open-source directory servers / replacement servers, mail servers, gateways, firewalls, LEMP and LAMP stacks, Monitoring systems and SSL Proxies / Web Application Firewalls. Full Open-source setups from the ground up solutions, or add-ons to current infrastructure, enhance or enrich what you already have or start from scratch.

Solutions Architect:

Solutions Architect, Systems Administrator and Technology Expert on tap. Advise on setups, verification of current setups and solutions or future roll-outs. Planning, consultations, documentation and assistance.

Analytics and BI:

Using various open-source projects and systems, consume your data from all your various sources and turn the raw data into human readable information with interactive graphs and analytics, generate dashboards for staff to collaborate or clients. Advice, assistance and guidance can be given to your BI and Analytics guru’s to give them the power to mine and use your raw data and logs to generate revenue.

Hosting and Colocation:

Assisted hosting or hosted setups on any of the local hosting providers etc, self-hosted or on-site hosting setups, virtual colocation setups, advise, design, and roll outs.

Auditing and Compliance:

Network, infrastructure, policy and POPI readiness checks and auditing.

Data Warehousing:

Build secure, reliable and resilient solutions for your data..

Security and Monitoring:

Add next generation open-source firewalls and monitoring systems, harden current infrastructure or systems, spot checks for security issues, backdoors or just check infrastructure and systems for peace of mind.