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Install NXFilter on Raspberry Pi

Install NXFilter on Raspberry Pi

Install NXFilter on Raspberry Pi

NxFilter is a free Content filter and DNS server, that allows you to control and monitor access to DNS and restrict access to various types content by catagories.

Install NXFilter on Raspberry Pi

Raspbian Lite installed using NOOBS 3.2 lite, after initial setup, run ‘raspi-config’, and set, boot from CLI no auto login, enable SSH, set Memory Split to 16 (this is the amount of memory you are assigning to the GPU, 16mb is the lowest limit), and set static IP, reboot.

Now SSH in and run below:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jre
cd /tmp
sudo dpkg -i nxfilter-
#set your memory here as per the Notes section first…then continue..
sudo systemctl enable nxfilter
sudo systemctl start nxfilter

Now wait up-to 5 minutes for the engine to start… (on Pi Zero W…wait a bit longer for first start)
then browse to: (self signed certificate)
login default:

Change the java memory limit to match your requirements:

default is: -Xmx768m
nano -w /nxfilter/bin/
now find and edit, there should be two instances, edit both:
java -Xmx768m
on Pi4 4GB: you can also set this to 1024, 1536, 3072 or just leave as is.
java -Xmx2048m
on Pi3 / Pi4 2GB: you can also set this to 1024 or 1536, or just leave as is.
java -Xmx1536m
on Pi3 / Pi4 1GB: you can also set this to 512 or just leave as is, it is stable as is.
java -Xmx512m
java -Xmx384m

Run below in Terminal/CLI if there are any locale warnings / issues, this is just a temp locale “fix”.
export LC_ALL=C

Please note the recommended minimum is 768m.

Under the lists section, the system can be licensed, but if 20 users or less, when it expires, it is fully functional for up to 20 users for free.
It is free for commercial use as well, according to the website.

NXFilter is basically much more robust than Pi-Hole and enterprise ready, but can be used for homes, schools etc etc.


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